Tips/Rules for newbies who do not wish to be hated/loathed/disliked by the more experienced writers:

  1. Remember; You’re just a crewmember. Sorry, I know y’all wanna be superheroes with decades of experience, but that’s just tedious. No one likes a know-it-all.
  2. Related to the first point; keep that goddamn finger offa the goddamn god-mode button. You cannot run into a heavily fortified facility and single-handedly wipe out all the enemy. Ya just look like a wanker.
  3. Don’t have fries with that. You don’t need to have your own ship, flunkie, AI, time-machine, and superpowers. If you absolutely INSIST on a power, keep it funny. Like psychic powers brought on by PMS/PMT.
  4. Enough of the ‘don’t’s for now, time for some ‘do’s. Have some personality flaws. Anti-heroes are terrific! Everyone loves to laugh at a cynical bastard being…well, a cynical bastard (but at the same time, avoid being totally insular and not interacting with other characters). Or your character can have a severe drug problem. Anything like that allows for character development. Your character should be able to grow, or it will just become stale, you’ll get bored of them, and either kill them off so as to introduce a new one, or leave the group…or both.
  5. Pair up with two or three other characters. That way, when away-mission time comes, you aren’t the loner kid no one picks to be on their football team. And it also helps with character development.
  6. A distinct trend has been observed; Guys wanna blow shit up, women wanna get in a relationship and have babies…frankly, the guys way is better to read. This ain’t a romance novel, dammit! Relationships CAN be good, if you think you can actually subtly weave it into the overall plot. Best to at least wait till you become a well-established character first.
  7. Last of all, for the love of all things good and holy, TALK TO THE MODS! Not only can they help out, but you can tell them if you have an idea for a new plot after the one that is currently happening. That way, you won’t decide to just hijack the one we’re already on (hopefully). You WILL be slapped with great prejudice.

So, consider yourselves warned. I speak from experience, and have made many of the above mistakes myself. Result; I read over old posts of mine and cringe. And not in a good way.

By Reuben Jurott aka Mk.10

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