Jay Chrysler

Jay was played for over 10 years by Andy Longman

Captain Jay Chrysler has been killed, detonating a bomb that put an end to the Hymenoptera across the galaxy.

The bomb that destroyed the Hymenoptera homeworld including the Hymenoptera Queen. This disrupted the Hymenoptera’s hive mind, causing many to drop dead around the galaxy (see the post here). The bomb’s timer was destroyed by Jay’s evil double “Evil Jay“, who was working with the Hymenoptera. To ensure the bomb was detonated, Jay ordered the team of Dwarfers to leave, and detonated it manually.

Jay Chrysler ordered the Blue Dwarf to attack the Hymenoptera’s homeworld after an attack that killed his wife and unborn child (see the post here). His life was made hell the following weeks when his sister Vanessa was killed, his favourite shuttle the Phoenix was destroyed, and his clone Jayne was killed.

Andy Longman, who played Jay decided to leave the Blue Dwarf because his expecting a baby and won’t have enough tome to dedicate to Blue Dwarf. In his last email he said:

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’ve been struggling to find time to post in recent months, probably longer. Life is moving quickly, with it becoming harder and harder to fit everything that I want to do in, and in July, I’ll be becoming a father for the first time. As excited about this as I am, I’m also extremely anxious, and I know that I’m going to find it even harder to find time for Blue Dwarf, so it seems only fair that I leave.

It was a very hard decision to make. I’ve been a member of Blue Dwarf now for over ten years, and have been a moderator for nearly all of that time. It’s been a huge part of my life, (I’ve been a member for almost a third of my life in fact) but it is simply time to move on. We see it often, where members leave without ever saying goodbye, and their character go forgotten. I couldn’t do that, I had to give my characters, especially Jay, a proper send off. Lets face it, he was never going to die peacefully in his jeep, I mean sleep.

It’s been great fun guys, and I want to thank each and everyone of you, and all past members for making it such a great experience. I wouldn’t have been her for a decade if it wasn’t for all of you.

To Onion, Becca, Smandy, JHXMT, Chris Kentlea, Chris Harris, (and others I’m sure) I’ve known you guys for years now, longer than many of the people I know in real life (including my wife) and even though I’ve never met any of you in the flesh, I truly value the friendships we’ve built over the years,  I especially want to thank Onion, as without him there would never have been an opportunity for me to get to know any of you.

Who knows, I might one day grace your inboxes with a post again yet, but, if not, I hope you’ll all remember me, and of course, Jay.

Anyway, I’m getting emotional now, so I’d better sign off.

Stay Frosty guys. Love you all.

Andy/ Jay

Andy joined Blue Dwarf in January 2001, and became a Moderator a few years later. Jay started out as a pilot, eventually became head of the Navigation Department, and then became Captain after the death of Captain Jed Calvert.

Just to embarass him, you can read his first ever post here!

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