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I’ve been running the Blue Dwarf play-by-post game for 11 years, and love it. It was because of my love of play-by-post games (Blue Dwarf in particular) that I started to realise there wasn’t really a decent tool for creating and running a game. People make do with forums or yahoo groups, but these things aren’t really made with roleplaying games in mind and could do with a few extra features. It was this reason why I created

Blue Dwarf was run in a Yahoo Group, which hasn’t always been a perfect experience. Occasionally posts you submit go missing, and either turn up a day later or never. This is mainly a problem when a player moves the story forward, but someone else doesn’t get to see it, posts in the same time frame and unknowingly undoes the events of the first post. Very frustrating, and can lead to arguments over whose post should get priority, and which is ignored.

Coupled with other minor annoyances, I decided that Yahoo Groups isn’t the best place for roleplaying games, despite it being really popular. I wanted a decent place to keep character biographies, and with Blue Dwarf created a separate website for members to be able to keep these. But it always felt so far away, and very few people made the arduous 1 or 2 click journey away from the Yahoo Group onto the website to look at the character biographies. I thought there must be a better way and searched for a decent system for roleplaying games, and when I found they all shared similar problems that’s when I decided to make my own.

Moving everything over

So Blue Dwarf has a firm place in OngoingWorld’s creation, and I’m glad that I’ve moved it across. It wasn’t easy to copy all the posts across however, I had to create a script that did this (Yahoo were unhelpful, they don’t provide any means of exporting your game!) and pulled the text into the OngoingWorlds database. Blue Dwarf has been running for over 11 years, which means a hell of a lot of posts. With over 12,000 posts, Blue Dwarf is now the biggest game on OngoingWorlds, the current second place is Terrifyingly Yours with over 170.

Members of Blue Dwarf will have to register on OngoingWorlds, and recreate their character biographies. This is a little bit of work, but not such a bad thing. Many of the biographies were in need of updating so this gives everyone a good opportunity to recreate them, and take into account current events and changes their character has gone through.

Benefits of OngoingWorlds

OngoingWorlds has many benefits for the members of Blue Dwarf, including the added control they have over their character profiles, and also the added perks like the ability to rate each other’s posts, and receive awards. The latter is important, many years ago we used to have an annual awards ceremony which we called the “Longwoods”, (named after a member of Blue Dwarf who sadly died). We haven’t done the awards for a few years due to it taking up a bit too much time, but it would be easy to start them up again using OngoingWorlds’ awards, allowing each character to get the award added to their profile for all to see, and so they never forget.

A new start for Blue Dwarf

I’ve got many ideas for the storyline of Blue Dwarf, and am planning a big story that will change everything in the game so far. This should make the game feel fresh and new again.

We’re always looking for new members to join us, and for those members to really get involved and create their own storylines. If you aren’t a member already, visit Blue Dwarf on OngoingWorlds and click “join”.

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